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This continuous syringe is mainly used for vaccination of livestock.

This veterinary vaccine continuous syringe is made of high quality material, simple in design and easy to operate.

Material: First Grade Nylon Plastic Syringe. Good feeling and touching operation handle.

Dose adjustable: 0.1-2ml or 0.5-5ml adjustable continuous syringe.



1.The veterinary continuous vaccine syringe is light and strong, resistant to falling, corrosion-resistant, and comfortable to hold. The scale of the syringe is accurate, no waste of vaccine, and the number of uses can reach more than 3,000 times.

2.The veterinary vaccine syringe injection gun is made of high quality plastic raw materials and is non-toxic and harmless.

3.The handle design of the syringe is ergonomic, comfortable to use, easy to operate, and non-slippery.

4.Syringes are available in 2ml and 5ml sizes

5.Syringe can be fitted with any type of needle

6. The veterinary continuous automatic syringe is equipped with a special bottle holder for the vaccine to protect the bottle safely and smoothly.

7.This veterianry syringe is not equipped with a needle, the needle needs to be purchased separately.

Instructions for use:

 1. Set the dose: Turn the dose adjuster clockwise or counterclockwise until the piston is aligned with the scale printed on the barrel of the needle. For 03.ml: dose reversed clockwise live

   Adjust it to the front of the O-ring to align with the scale printed on the barrel.

 2. Syringe operation process:

   Remove the needle protection cover

   Slight tilt of the syringe

   Squeeze the handle and release quickly so that liquid is sucked out

   To remove air bubbles from the bucket, repeat steps, taking care not to waste liquid

   Filling the syringe to prepare the syringe


3. Precautions after use

1. Thoroughly remove all traces of material on the syringe with hot water cleaning agent, and rinse thoroughly with warm water

2. Soak the needle and syringe in water for 20 minutes. Ideally, the vacuum tube should be removed from the handle.

And separately sterilized by boiling in water.

3.Remove from the container


For your safety: please do not easily remove the cap of the needle before use.  Insert the needle into Luer's metal connector and tighten. Unscrew the needle from the Luer connector

1. Before you put the bottle into the spike, pierce the rubber cap of the bottle with a sterile needle.

2. Insert the bottle into the basket

Observe whether the basket and bottle are aligned, insert the bottle into the spike after aligning the center, and rotate the bottle body

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