Raybaca Ear Tag Applicator for one side Z tags use Basic DescriptionsChoosing the right ear tag applicator is important for making the process of ear tagging as stress free as possible. We have a hug

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Raybaca  Ear Tag Applicator for one side Z tags use 

Basic Descriptions

Choosing the right ear tag applicator is important for making the process of ear tagging as stress free as possible. We have a huge range of applicator styles to choose from. See which applicator is best for each ear tag on our ear tags product page. Find the ear tag you have bought and we’ll let you know which applicator we recommend. Correct ear tag placement is critical if you want long-term retention. Too far in, too high, too low or hitting a main vein all affects ear tag retention, 

Products features

RBC-Q-W2 Tag Applicator Parameters
Center Length75mm from jaw to shaft
Length170mm from center to grip the shaft
Grip wall thicknessgreater than 2.6mm
Clamp material tensile strengthgreater than or equal 300,6b / mpa
Clamp materialBrinell hardness greater than or equal 85-90 HBS
Caliper maximum shear forcegreater than or equal 1500n
ColorBlack colour ,Electrostatic painting frosted,Easy detachment,durable
Use rangeall two pieces tags
Per Box16KG
Packing50 pcs/box
Package dimension28.5*26*19cm
AttentionDifferent ear tag need special applicator and needle

Why this Ear Tag Applicator for pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats?

  • Suitable for all Raybaca ear tags

  • User-friendly

  • Spring coil makes it safe to open

  • Includes back-up pin

  • Also for electronic ear tags

  • Made from coated metal

Products Advange:

  • Made of great material :Zinc alloy switch,stainless steel clamp.

  • three steps diameter of pins Suitable for different male tag holes.

  • Safty :Clean, precise incision helps prevent infection&disease transfer.

  • Can be used widely:Also used in sign small size livestocks or animals,such as pig,sheep,goat,deer.

  • Notice :After installing male tag with nail,must align the center of female tag when using.

Product Features:

  • Automatic separation device: automatic seperate after playing, more convenient compared to the old ear tag applicators! Reduce the pain of animals, the ear hole aperture is small, less bleeding, ear pressure into the pressure is small

  • Elastic device: High-quality stainless steel spring and center shaft durable without rust, handle feel comfortable, easy to operate

  • Spare ear tag needle: The new product is equipped with a lock button and high-quality spring, the handle is also equipped with a spare internal ear mark. Tighten the handle after the button and then release the handle can lock the handle

  • Multi-purpose applicator: suitable for many kinds of pig sheep goat cattle ear tags

  • Resonable design according to the human plam, automatic lock , energy saving and easy to operate.

How to Use Tag Applicator:

  • Hold the ear tag plier to press, the switch automatic to turn on

  • Press the clip, install ear tag

  • Put the nail binding on ear tag needle, remained stable

  • Full immersion in the disinfectant, safety and health

  • Find a appropriate placement of the ears , put forth effort to finish at one time.

Raybaca IOT Technology

Raybaca IOT Technology

What's included:

  • RBC-Q-V3 Tag Applicator

  • three steps diameter of pins

  • 1 Years Warranty Card

  • Certificate of Conformity

Our Services:

1. Convenient: 24th Hours sales/After-sales Service online or on the phone
2. Quality Assurance: We will discuss with you and supply you the best quality comfortable to your market
3. Quick delivery: Time is money, we promise we always will deliver the goods quicker than others
4. According to customers’ drawing,customized specifications are welcomed
5. Low MOQ,small orders can be accepted.



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